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Applications for Live Lehigh 2016-2017 are now CLOSED.

Live Lehigh allows students the opportunity to build a residential community around a theme, topic, or interest. Live Lehigh Communities are advised by a faculty or staff member, mentored by a Gryphon and Community Coordinator, and developed through community experiences outside of the traditional curriculum which include group meals, discussions, outside speakers, off-campus trips, and many other opportunities. You can view the current Live Lehigh Communities by clicking here!

Before applying for a Live Lehigh community, please read through all of the sections below in order to fully understand the process and requirements.

Mission Statement:

Lehigh University, the Office of Residence Life, and the Office of Residential Services recognize the significance of community living as an opportunity for students to experience personal growth and development. The Live Lehigh program provides upper class students two options to live and learn: (1) student initiated themed residential communities or (2) university sponsored special interest housing.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of participating in the Live Lehigh Program, students will be able to:

1. Create and operate within a meaningful theme and articulated purpose;
2. Demonstrate the promotion of the theme through programs and activities;
3. Develop strong educational connections through the community’s advisor;
4. Develop a strong social connection within the residential community;
5. Enhance the overall residential experience and greater Live Lehigh community.

Requirements for Live Lehigh Communities:

1. All current students proposing the creation of a Live Lehigh community must be eligible to live on campus for the 2016-2017 academic year.
2. Once students sign a contract to live in an approved Live Lehigh community, they relinquish their right to be considered for other housing options.
3. Themed Residential Communities within Live Lehigh must have a faculty or staff advisor.
4. Each Themed Residential Community must select a house member to serve as Community Coordinator who will be the point person throughout the 2016-2017 academic year. Job Description is included later in this application.
5. Communities must have full occupancy for desired areas.
6. Live Lehigh communities must adhere to all rules, policies and guidelines that fall under the Offices of Residence Life and Residential Services and Lehigh University’s Code of Conduct.
7. The Community Coordinator and Advisor within Themed Residential Communities will work with the area’s Assistant Director of Residence Life, Gryphons, and Residence Hall Council on a regular basis during the academic year.
8. Prior to the conclusion of each academic semester, the Community Coordinator of each Themed Residential Community will complete a Live Lehigh application for the community.

General Information & Time Line:

1. The deadline to submit a group application and all individual housing applications is February 4, 2016
2. The Community Coordinator and Advisor will receive electronic notification of application status and building placement, if approved, by February 16, 2016. Approved communities must accept/decline their status by February 19, 2016.
3. Community Coordinators will be emailed three different housing selection options by Residential Services:
a. Community selects rooms and provides completed roster to Residential Services.
b. Residential Services provides community with lottery numbers to run its own lottery. The community then provides Residential Services with completed roster upon conclusion of the lottery.
c. Residential Services runs lottery for the community and room assignments will be finalized that same day/night.
4. Regardless of the option chosen by the community, a completed room assignment roster will be due to Residential Services by March 9, 2016.

Waiting List:

A waiting list will be developed for all students willing to fill a vacancy in the community as they become available, and a community is expected to have an initial waiting list of approximately 15-20% of community capacity. This wait list is devised so that the community is prepared in the event of lost participants.

A community’s wait list will be developed via the on-line community selection process, and composed of applicants submitting after community capacity is initially filled.

Wait list students will still be required to sign a Housing Contract for the 2016-2017 academic year, and juniors and seniors expected to complete a housing deposit or payment commitment.

Live Lehigh Advisor Responsibilities:

1. Attend monthly Live Lehigh meetings with other advisors, Gryphons and Community Coordinators.

2. Attend semester meeting with Residence Life management team.

3. Approve funding requests for your community.

4. Meet with your Community Coordinator (if applicable) a minimum of twice a semester.

5. Maintain contact with your respective community's Gryphon throughout the academic year.

Source: studentaffairs.lehigh.edu
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