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Cheap Painting Services

Everyday we hear it from almost every single potential client we speak to, ” I Have other quotes that are less than your price.” All we say is I’m sure you do!!! You see we are a real painting corporation who has real employees and staff. We also have equipment and trucks to maintain. We also have contracts with some of the largest companies and firms in the nation!! We have insurance costs, We buy the best materials, We have training and continued education costs. We have certification costs, Taxes, Licensing costs, etc. Now I’m not trying to tell you all about our bills but we have these bills because we are a REAL Business, We Are Professionals. cheap contractor

By being professionals our expertise does not come cheap, If you want cheap go to craigslist, backpage, or labor ready and hire the first guy you find cause more than likely that is the type of workmanship you will get. You have no idea if he is a great con-man, liar and a cheat or if he really is a True Painting Contractor who has a Real Business.

I’m not saying all guys are bad or you should view everyone negatively. What I am saying is if you are getting quotes and one is low and two are within a $1000 range of each other chances are the lower guy is not your guy.

Here is how we break it down for clients:

Low Price = High Risk

Medium Price = Medium Risk

High Price = Low Risk

It really is that simple. You see the higher priced contractors know exactly what they are doing and the charge for their time and services and they also account for the unforeseen. This means you do not got hit with hidden charges throughout the project. We had a case of one client who said we were to high priced, she was going with the lower priced contractor. We encouraged her to get another quote from a know company, heck we even gave her names of companies to call!!! Well a 2 weeks later the phone rings and Yep, you guessed it. The low priced contractor had told her so many things were not included in his price that after it was all said and done she had actually paid him $2500 more than our “all in proposal” (everything was included in our proposal) Worst part is he was not a real business he had no ties to the community so it got even worse. He took off with over $7500 of her money and all she had to show for it was a half power washed and spot primed house!!! There was still $6000 worth of work that needed to be done!!!

Bottom line do the research about the company you plan to hire, just cause a few good referral’s are given does not mean anything it could be a family member and who do you think is going to give you a bad referral? Online is so powerful use the tools to really inspect the company you plan to hire and sometimes waiting to do the project and hiring the better contractor with the higher price is actually cheaper in the ling run!!!

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